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  • #101. 🤖 Google Duet AI available 🏞️ ID'ing AI-generated images ⚠️ $400 to build an AI disinformation machine

#101. 🤖 Google Duet AI available 🏞️ ID'ing AI-generated images ⚠️ $400 to build an AI disinformation machine

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  • Google rolls out Duet AI across its Workspace apps, aiming to serve as a productivity and collaborative tool for tasks like generating emails, slides, and charts.

  • Duet offers app-specific features, such as AI-based lighting in Google Meet and automated summaries in Google Chat.

  • The service costs $30 per user for large organizations, comparable to Microsoft's Copilot, which offers similar functionalities across Office apps.

  • While Duet strives to be accurate, users are cautioned to double-check its outputs, especially for business-critical data, due to the imperfections of the underlying AI models.

  • SynthID is a new tool developed in partnership with Google Cloud to watermark and identify AI-generated images, particularly those created by Imagen.

  • The technology embeds an imperceptible watermark into the pixels of an image for easy identification, aiming to curb the spread of misinformation and build trust.

  • While not foolproof, SynthID is effective against many common image manipulations and works in tandem with traditional identification methods like metadata.

  • The tool is in its beta phase and available to a limited number of Vertex AI customers; it may evolve to work with other types of AI-generated content such as audio and video.

  • A developer known as Nea Paw used OpenAI's text generation technology and other AI tools to create a disinformation campaign against Russian state messaging for around $400. The campaign, called CounterCloud, wasn't publicly posted but shared with WIRED.

  • The project aims to expose the ease and low cost of using AI for mass-produced disinformation. Paw, who claims to be a cybersecurity professional, says there's no easy solution to this growing issue.

  • Experts warn that AI could be increasingly used for crafting highly personalized propaganda and interacting with social media users. Some instances of AI-powered disinformation and its use in legitimate political campaigns have already been observed.

  • OpenAI and other organizations are concerned about the misuse of their technology. However, the challenge remains in educating the public and finding effective methods to block or detect AI-generated disinformation.


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So this time I had some fun with a remarkably simple yet incredibly powerful prompt designed to evoke the old text-based role playing games of back in the day. Some of you may be too young to even know what these were, in which case, you’re in for a treat! Think of them as sort of "interactive books.”

Let's play a text-based role-playing game where you describe scenes to me, give me options for how to proceed, and so on. Let's set it in the context of [insert your favorite fictional universe].



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