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#103. πŸ‘ƒ AI predicts chemicals' smells πŸŽ‰ OpenAI nears $1B in sales πŸ™ˆ OpenAI use drops

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  • A neural network can predict the smell of chemicals by analyzing their molecular structures, often matching human descriptions.

  • The AI system was designed to explore correlations between chemical structures and odors, identifying around 250 such connections, which are used to make a Principal Odour Map (POM).

  • Testing the POM with human volunteers showed the AI's predictions were often closer to the average human response than any individual guess.

  • Critics note that while the POM can be useful in industries like food and cleaning products, it doesn't provide insights into the biology behind the human sense of smell.

  • OpenAI is on track to exceed revenue projections, possibly generating $1 billion within the next year, compared to its own estimate of $200 million.

  • Current revenue streams include corporate licensing and individual subscriptions costing $20/month. Between 1 million and 2 million subscribers are currently active.

  • Notable corporate clients include Microsoft, Block, Canva, and PwC. OpenAI recently launched an enterprise version of ChatGPT.

  • OpenAI's financial success raises questions about its current valuation of $27-29 billion. The company also has an agreement that allows Microsoft to claim 75% of its profits until a $13 billion investment is recouped.

  • Visits to ChatGPT have declined by 29.15% since May 2023, contradicting media narratives of exponential growth.

  • Two theories examined: A) Decline due to educational use dropping off in summer; B) Professional/regular use still high. Both were invalidated by the data.

  • Programming assistance constitutes 30% of ChatGPT use, with education and content creation also being significant use-cases.

  • Common words in ChatGPT sessions include "Write," "Create," and surprisingly, "SEO" and "Game," indicating a variety of professional and personal applications.


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