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  • #104. ©️ OpenAI disputes derivative works claims 🎒 MS AI-powered backpack 📸 Artisse's AI photos of you

#104. ©️ OpenAI disputes derivative works claims 🎒 MS AI-powered backpack 📸 Artisse's AI photos of you

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🙈 Sorry for being a few hours late this morning! Let’s dive in!


  • OpenAI responded to class-action lawsuits alleging that ChatGPT was trained on pirated copies of books. The lawsuits include claims of direct and vicarious copyright infringement, DMCA violation, and other allegations.

  • OpenAI's motion to dismiss argues that many of the authors' theories of liability are "legally infirm" and seeks to remove them from the case.

  • The company posits that ChatGPT's use of copyrighted materials is transformative and thus does not violate copyright law. They argue that the purpose of copyright is not to protect "the underlying idea itself" but the specific expression of that idea.

  • OpenAI also disputes the claim that ChatGPT outputs are derivative works, stating that this is an "erroneous legal conclusion."

  • OpenAI counters claims that it violated the DMCA, arguing that if copyright-management information was removed, it was an "unintended side effect" and does not indicate intent to infringe.

  • The authors' legal team describes generative AI as a "grift" that repackages human intelligence, suggesting that they are unlikely to easily withdraw their claims.

  • Microsoft has filed a patent for an AI-powered smart backpack that includes hardware such as a camera, microphone, speaker, network interface, processor, and storage.

  • The smart backpack can perform a range of tasks like identifying objects in the environment, accessing cloud information, and interacting with other devices, all controlled by AI.

  • Contextual awareness allows users to give commands that relate to their environment. The backpack uses its sensors to understand these commands.

  • The process involves six steps: receiving a command, sensing the environment, sending data to an AI engine, and returning with an appropriate response.

  • While other smart backpacks exist, such as Targus' Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple Find My technology and Intel's GPS-enabled bag for the visually impaired, Microsoft's version is seen as potentially game-changing due to its advanced AI capabilities.

  • Artisse is a new AI photo creation app that competes with existing apps like Remini, allowing users to generate AI photos of themselves from various prompts, templates, or reference photos.

  • Users upload 15 images to train the AI, which can then generate new photos using either text or image prompts. Users can also customize templates and styles.

  • The startup aims to improve diversity in body shape and skin tones, an area where competitors have fallen short. Artisse is still working to address similar challenges.

  • The app takes significantly longer to process and train its AI (30-40 minutes), but claims to beat the competition in terms of realism in the generated images.

  • Artisse plans to introduce a subscription model for additional features and offers a consulting service for B2B clients, including model selection and post-production work.

  • The app is bootstrapped and based in Hong Kong, but is in discussions for VC funding. It is available on both iOS and Android and plans a web release next month.


I really hope to fire this up with regular articles soon; I’ve just been far too swamped with work lately. Sorry!


In today’s ever-dramatic world of social media bickering, debating, and arguing on X (formerly known as Twitter), it’s usually not worth the time or effort to try to win. On the other hand, it can be a unique learning experience, too, and with ChatGPT, this can be a relatively fast and easy thing. Here’s how.

I've ended up in a debate on [social media platform] but I want help to peacefully and respectfully win. I'm going to copy/paste for you, in alternating order, my comments and those of the other person; theirs will be the last one, after which, I want you to let me know how I should respond next. Here we go: 

Other person (OP): [paste comment]

Me: [paste comment]

OP: [paste comment]

Me: [paste comment]


Ok, that's it! What should I say next? 



See you Tuesday after the long weekend! 👋

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