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  • #105. 🇨🇳 Baidu, SenseTime first AI approval in China 😱 Gizmodo fires Spanish translation staff 🤖 AI assistants within 5 years

#105. 🇨🇳 Baidu, SenseTime first AI approval in China 😱 Gizmodo fires Spanish translation staff 🤖 AI assistants within 5 years

PLUS: ChatGPT learning checklists ✨ AI for rappers ✨ chat with research papers


  • China approves the first set of generative AI services for public use, including major companies like Baidu Inc. and SenseTime Group Inc.

  • This approval allows these companies to compete openly with global players like OpenAI and Microsoft.

  • The Cyberspace Administration of China is the regulatory body granting these approvals.

  • ByteDance Ltd. released its AI chatbot to the public, but has not commented on its regulatory status.

  • G/O Media fires staff of Gizmodo en Español, replacing them with AI-generated translations of English articles.

  • The switch has led to glitches, including articles that abruptly change languages midway.

  • Gizmodo previously published original content for Spanish-speaking audiences; this move is a significant loss in that space.

  • G/O Media's shift to AI is part of a broader trend to reduce labor costs, but it remains controversial in journalism.

  • Earlier, Gizmodo faced criticism for publishing AI-generated articles containing factual inaccuracies without involving editorial staff.

  • Experts warn that AI translations cannot fully replace human translators, citing issues like subtle errors and lack of cultural context.

  • Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google's DeepMind, predicts personal AI assistants for everyone within five years.

  • These AI systems will be highly personalized, know your history, and assist in daily tasks and decision-making.

  • Suleyman envisions the AI acting as a "chief of staff," helping with tasks beyond just personal assistance.

  • Adoption of AI like OpenAI's ChatGPT is already helping people in various aspects of life, from planning vacations to work tasks.

  • Other tech leaders like Bill Gates and Tim Cook also see AI as a fundamental and transformative technology.

  • Suleyman views the future of AI as making intelligence a cheap and widely available commodity.


I really hope to fire this up with regular articles soon; I’ve just been far too swamped with work lately. Sorry!


Want to learn how to do something you’ve never done before? It takes a little while, but it’s remarkably easy, and absolutely fascinating.

I need to learn how to do [blank]. First, create a high-level checklist of steps. Format it simply so that I can easily copy/paste it into Notion [or whatever is your favorite note taking app].

[Review the above checklist]

Ok great, now let's unpack everything as deeply as possible. I want you to drill down and make that checklist as granular as possible. Imagine you're creating a checklist for a pilot. Every possible step needs to be spelled out in detail. Make sure to include references to necessary forms, documents, calendar timelines, software, [etc, etc]. Include emoji for "warning" and "tip" and "calendar" where appropriate. 

[Review the above checklist]

Let's unpack [whatever you think is still lacking detail.]

[Review the above again]

Ok is there anything you think could use more detail? We're going to keep going here until that checklist is as detailed and granular as can be, at which point I want you to let me know we can't go any further. 

[This will probably continue another few times, and then you're done!]


  • TextFX: AI for rappers, writers, and wordsmiths.

  • ChatSonic: Alternative to ChatGPT without its limitations.

  • Consensus: AI chat with research papers.


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