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  • #106. 💻 Zoom's AI assistant 🇯🇵 Japan's support of ChatGPT for work 🤖 Elon Musk's X to use public data for AI training

#106. 💻 Zoom's AI assistant 🇯🇵 Japan's support of ChatGPT for work 🤖 Elon Musk's X to use public data for AI training

PLUS: Social media debate with ChatGPT ✨ AI-powered support chatbot ✨ ChatGPT Chrome plugin


  • Zoom rebrands its AI assistant from Zoom IQ to AI Companion, introducing new features like real-time feedback, chat summarization, and conversational interface.

  • Controversy arose over Zoom's terms of service regarding the use of customer data to train AI. In response, Zoom clarified its policy to state it won't use customer communications for AI training.

  • Software Freedom Conservancy called for developers to abandon Zoom over its terms of service. Despite this, Zoom aims to prioritize trust, safety, and privacy.

  • Amid financial setbacks including layoffs and slow growth, Zoom introduces another rebranded feature, Zoom Revenue Accelerator, with new capabilities aimed at onboarding and training sales teams.

  • Tokyo, Fukushima, and Tochigi prefectures in Japan have authorized the use of ChatGPT for work, and 22 other prefectures are trialing the system.

  • Around 50,000 Tokyo Metropolitan Government employees will use ChatGPT for tasks such as summarizing documents and brainstorming planning proposals.

  • An independent survey by ChatGPT Magazine reveals that over half of Japan's 47 prefectural governments are either using or considering generative AI.

  • The adoption of ChatGPT is more prominent in the Tōhoku and Kantō regions of eastern Japan, while its status in Kansai and Kyūshū regions is often "under consideration" or "undisclosed."

  • Elon Musk's social media platform has updated its privacy policy to allow the use of public data for training AI models.

  • The privacy policy states that only publicly accessible information will be gathered, excluding private messages or confidential data.

  • Possible applications for collected data include an alternative to LinkedIn and monetization strategies, though specifics are not confirmed.

  • Ethical concerns arise around data privacy and transparency, as the platform aims to balance technological advancement with user consent.


I really hope to fire this up with regular articles soon; I’ve just been far too swamped with work lately. Sorry!


So given the incredibly fraught state of social media these days, a fun experiment with ChatGPT is to prompt it to have an open-minded, relatively unbounded conversation without fear of offending, without the need to self-moderate, and to generally just debate to your heart’s content. It’s pretty amazing. Pro tip: ask it to do so in the style of, say, Socrates and Einstein!

Let's have a discussion that simulates a controversial topic on social media, without watering down the arguments or avoiding critical issues. While the goal is not to intentionally be offensive, let's not shy away from points of view that could be considered challenging or provocative. 


Can you output such a correspondence as if as between Socrates and Einstein? 


And for fun, can you output that same conversation in their native languages?


  • PromptEasy: Chrome plugin for awesome ChatGPT prompts.

  • Ioni: AI-powered support chatbot.

  • AI Suggests: AI-generated content for anything.


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