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  • #111. 🧠 ChatGPT gets memory πŸ“š Google's AI training program πŸ’¬ Nvidia RTX chatbot

#111. 🧠 ChatGPT gets memory πŸ“š Google's AI training program πŸ’¬ Nvidia RTX chatbot

ChatGPT's long-term memory β€’ Google's €25M EU AI training program β€’ Nvidia's custom RTX AI PC chatbot

  • OpenAI introduces a "memory" feature to ChatGPT, enabling the AI to remember user preferences and past interactions.

  • Users can directly inform ChatGPT about specific preferences, or the AI can gradually learn these details over time.

  • Each variant of GPT, like Books GPT or Tutor Me, will have its own memory, enhancing personalization in areas like book recommendations or educational assistance.

  • The introduction of memory addresses a key need for ChatGPT but raises privacy concerns, as it involves collecting and retaining user data.

  • Users retain control over the AI's memory, with options to view, modify, or delete stored information, and a Temporary Chat mode for incognito interactions.

  • The feature, currently in testing with a limited user base, represents a significant evolution in user-AI interaction, despite potential privacy implications.

  • oogle launches a €25 million AI Opportunity Initiative to boost AI skills across Europe, emphasizing responsible and accessible AI use.

  • The initiative includes €10 million from Google.org for AI skills development in economically vulnerable groups, offering grants and support services for tailored AI training.

  • A series of Google for Startups Growth Academies will mentor AI startups in health, education, and cybersecurity, offering Google Cloud credits and guidance.

  • Google commits to expanding its free online AI courses, with translations into 18 languages and added applied AI components to career certification programs.

  • The initiative aims to empower diverse segments of the workforce with AI literacy and future-proof skills, reflecting Google's leadership role in AI democratization.

  • The comprehensive approach covers education, startup support, and free resources, targeting a broad impact on AI skill development in Europe.


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  • NVIDIA introduces Chat with RTX, a free tech demo allowing users to create personalized chatbots on NVIDIA RTX AI PCs.

  • The application, powered by GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs or higher, utilizes retrieval-augmented generation and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM software for local AI processing.

  • Users can connect local files to the chatbot for contextually relevant answers, supporting formats like .txt, .pdf, .docx, and .xml.

  • Chat with RTX also integrates knowledge from YouTube videos for enhanced query responses, offering unique contextual capabilities.

  • Running locally on Windows RTX PCs, the tool ensures fast responses and data privacy, as sensitive information remains on the device.

  • The application demonstrates the potential of RTX GPUs in accelerating large language models, with implications for future LLM-based application development.


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