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#27. 🦠Dormant microbes switch on | 🛫Airbus' hydrogen tanks | 🚖Baidu's huge driverless ride area

Plus: Delaying climate action | Climate change on body size | All about hydrogen | Power grid policy | Guident's ATC for AVs | Japan opens up to AVs


The pursuit of technological solutions to fight particular symptoms of climate change can be a fun and profitable distraction from specifically targeting the root causes. For example, technological solutions that enable crops to flourish in hotter, drier climates, doesn’t address the vastly bigger problem of food waste, a primary producer of greenhouse gases.

Bacterial communities’ composition can change based on the local environment in a process called “species sorting.” This can cause formerly dormant bacteria to reactivate if to the benefit the local bacterial community.

Bergmann’s rule states that members of a warm-blooded species in colder climates (so typically higher latitudes) have larger bodies than their warmer climate cousins. This latter point leads to the island rule that says small island-bound mammals evolve larger bodies than those on the mainland; large mammals on islands evolve smaller body sizes. A new study shows that these rules have both been reversed in the last 150 years or so, with the reversal accelerating in correlation to increasing global temperatures.


This article provides an informative overview of the various types of hydrogen with respect to their production processes, their use cases, and potential hydrogen-powered energy capacities for the different flavors of hydrogen.

Airbus and its partners Ariane Group and Airbus Defence and Space have created a new type of storage tank optimized for the exceedingly low tolerances required for hydrogen storage on an aircraft.

As tech companies fully shift to clean energy sources, energy lobbyists works to further fast track power grid policies to migrate to fully renewable sources. This article provides an overview of the various methods, organizations, companies, and people involved with this push.


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This is a press release by Baidu outlining the planned expansion of their driverless taxi service, currently covering more than 10 cities in China where it has already provided nearly half a million rides.

Guident (Crunchbase) provides remote human-perated====

The autonomous vehicle startup has appointed Kathy Winter as its COO who formerly served as Intel’s VP and GM of Autonomous Transportation & Infrastructure Division.


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