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#29. 🏥Increased climate-related hospitalizations | 💼Top 5 clean energy careers skills | 🛻Tesla Semi launch

Plus: Biodiversity loss in EU | US Embassies' risk | Beyond solar | EU's carbon fibre investment | AVs' need for mapping | UC Irvine's new AV institute |


A recent paper faults the EU’s new climate change plan for treating biomass as carbon-neutral. The concern is that this could incentivize an increase in biomass destruction that would worsen the very thing the EU’s plan seeks otherwise to mitigate.

A study of more than one million hospitalizations spanning just over a decade has found a correlation between warming temperatures around the world and an increase in the number of hospitalizations for heart, brain, and vascular diseases. These findings are similar to results elsewhere around the world.

The risks, affecting some 32 U.S. embassies around the world, stem from climate disasters such as storms, heat, and drought, and secondarily from the derivative health and safety risks that follow such events for embassy workers and the services they provide.


This article provides a deep dive look into future applications of direct air capture, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen.

This article includes and discusses problem solving; collaboration; analytical thinking; an innovation mindset; and a sustainability mindset.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, a Japanese maker of carbon fiber, and the largest US producer of the brittle but strong, lightweight stuff, will invest €100 million ($105 million) into a new factory in France. Output will reach some 1,000 tons per year by the end of 2025 to meet the growing demand of new mobility, renewable energy, nuclear power, and aerospace.


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This is an extremely deep dive into the need, use cases, and various technology integrations required to maximize super-precise mapping for autonomous vehicles.

After five years Tesla has finally launched its industry-changing electric semi-truck, the Tesla Semi. While semi-trucks make up just 1% of US vehicles, they emit 20% of all US vehicle emissions, and 36% of all US vehicle particle emissions. The Tesla Semi has a 500 mile range fully loaded, and successfully drove from Fremont, CA starting with 97% charge, to San Diego, CA, with 4% charge remaining, while carrying an 82,000 lb (37,000 kg) load. The Telsa Semi achieves under 2 kWh-per-mile efficiency which should translate to $70,000 per year in fuel savings. Charging will be extremely fast using new 1 MW charging.

The Horiba Institute for Mobility and Connectivity2 has been established at California’s UC Irvine to study autonomous and electric vehicle technologies.


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