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#39. 🗓️Top 12 climate news of 2022 | ⚡️Tesla Electric | 🥽plastic ADAS lenses

Plus: Measuring carbon price impact | climate's impact on mountains | Morocco's renewables | largest offshore wind turbine | awful Tesla FSD beta data | CR's most reliable EVs


Climate policy curves are a tool used to measure the relationship between carbon pricing and future global temperature increases. They take into account the economic link between carbon prices and CO2 emissions as well as the physical link between emissions and climate outcomes. This is a discussion highlighting the inherent uncertainties is understanding carbon prices’ impact on reducing global warming.

This is a nice summary on this past year’s developments in all things climate and energy including: peak fossil fuel; the US climate bill; the growth of EVs; the continued phase out of coal around the world; the rush to curb methane leaks; COP27’s loss and damage fund; the growth of green hydrogen; private financing to decarbonize steel; India’s movement towards zero-emissions mobility; removing fossil fuels from buildings; prioritizing community climate resilience; and embedding carbon.

Climate change will continue to have an accelerating adverse impact on mountains generally, leading to increase likelihoods of avalanches, river floods, landslides, debris flows, and lake outburst floods, all of which pose severe risks to human activities and cities.


Morocco is trying to become a leader in Africa in the use of renewable energy, with the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 18.3% by 2030. The country's push for solar and wind energy dates back to a 2009 energy plan and its leadership also wanted to expand renewables to reduce reliance on energy imports from Algeria and Spain. Morocco's renewable energy supply rose by almost 10% in the past year with the addition of two solar power plants and a wind farm, and the country has the potential to produce green hydrogen, which could be used as an alternative fuel in heavy industry and aviation.

Starting now in Texas, Tesla Solar and Powerwall homeowners will be able to buy and sell electricity to the grid in realtime to help buffer against electrical spikes, effectively bringing Tesla Energy closer to Elon Musk’s goal of creating a “distributed global utility” that could “outgrow the automotive business.”

GE Haliade-X 14.7 MW offshore wind turbine is officially the world’s most powerful

The Haliade-X is the first ever so-called “12 MW+” turbine ever built; it is now certified to operate at up to 14.7 MW, producing some 76 kWh of gross annual energy production, enough to power 20,000 typical European households and saving 53,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

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This is a concerning look at the admittedly very limited data — such as disengagement rate — available on the reliability of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta software that essentially shows it lagging severely behind the likes of Waymo, Cruise, and AutoX.

LG Innotek has developed two new hybrid lenses for use in autonomous driving systems that are smaller, thinner and more price competitive than existing products. The lenses, one of which is ready for launch and the other set to be available in 2023, are made from a combination of glass and plastic and have been designed to not deform or experience quality changes when exposed to heat or external forces. The lenses are intended for use in the Driver Monitoring System and Advanced Driver Assistance System, respectively.

Consumer Reports now reports that while EVs continue to be, on average, more problem-prone than gasoline vehicles, there are clean winners amongst EVs. The Kia EV6 is the most trouble-free (so far), followed by the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf; all three models are now recommended by CR.


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