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  • #65. 🤷‍♂️Top AI researcher dismisses concerns | 🔋 Redflow's 20 MWh batteries for CA | 🚌 VW's ID.BUZZ EV Microbus North American launch [🎥VIDEO]

#65. 🤷‍♂️Top AI researcher dismisses concerns | 🔋 Redflow's 20 MWh batteries for CA | 🚌 VW's ID.BUZZ EV Microbus North American launch [🎥VIDEO]

PLUS: 10 companies' ChatGPT use cases | Blink Copilot | India's clean energy boost | California's worsening fire risk | UK car rental teleop delivery | Indian L5 AV startup


  • Expedia and Microsoft are using ChatGPT for personalized assistance, in travel planning and search engine respectively, while Microsoft also uses it for code suggestions.

  • Duolingo introduced GPT-4 powered features for in-depth language learning, and Coca Cola aims to utilize ChatGPT for personalized ads.

  • Octopus Energy integrated ChatGPT into customer service, handling a significant portion of inquiries, while Freshworks used it to accelerate software creation.

  • Udacity and Cheggmate leveraged GPT-4 for education, with personalized virtual tutors and assignment assistance respectively.

AI: The Undiscovered Country
A (very!) brief overview of AI law &
how to integrate ChatGPT in your workflow
By Marc Hoag

Presented by the Beverly Hills Bar Association

June 13, 2023, 12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT

1.0 hour CLE credit

  • Kyunghyun Cho, a leading AI researcher, disagrees with the 'doomer' narrative around AI, stating it distracts from current AI benefits and harms.

  • Cho expressed disappointment over lack of concrete regulatory proposals and discussions on AI's beneficial uses during recent Senate hearings.

  • He criticizes the "hero scientist" narrative and the media's tendency to put too much emphasis on a select few, like Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio.

  • Cho views the Effective Altruism movement, which funds many AGI efforts, as problematic, believing it is driven by a "savior complex."

  • He emphasizes the importance of education to expose the public to the real benefits of AI, arguing for a more balanced view against sensationalist narratives.

  • Cho advises junior AI researchers to focus on work that brings tangible benefits and avoids making predictions with miscalibrated uncertainty.

  • Blink is a company specializing in security operations automation, aiming to streamline workflow creation for users with different skill levels.

  • It has launched Blink Copilot, a tool designed to automate the process of security operations workflows using a no-code approach.

  • Blink Copilot leverages large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, enabling users to simply type in a description of the workflow they need, which the platform then builds.

  • To provide the best results, Blink collaborates with multiple LLM providers, including Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, training the models with a wealth of customer data and thousands of pre-built workflow components.

  • While the tool offers a user-friendly approach to creating workflows, Blink CEO Gil Barak highlights the need for human oversight to ensure workflows are correctly implemented, particularly for users without extensive technical knowledge.

  • Blink Copilot has now been made generally available to users.


  • Any Summary: Summarize any file type with ChatGPT.

  • Rask.ai: Translate your voice into other languages.

  • Lunaa: AI-generated LinkedIn content.


  • The California Energy Commission has chosen Australian company Redflow to provide a 20 MWh zinc bromine flow battery storage system, one of the largest of its kind globally.

  • The project, powered by 2,000 Redflow's ZBM3 batteries, will support the Rolling Hills Casino and a parcel belonging to the Paskenta Nomlaki Indigenous group.

  • Funded by a $140 million CEC grant, the project aims to help California meet its goal of 55 GWh of long-duration energy storage by 2045.

  • The storage system will utilize solar power, reduce grid demand, and improve the energy security of the Paskenta Rancheria.

  • California developer Faraday Microgrids is the grant recipient and project lead, with delivery expected in 2023 and 2024.

  • The Indian government has announced a five-year pause on considering new coal plant proposals to prioritize growth in the renewable energy sector.

  • This halt on coal expansion is seen as a positive step for India, which currently relies on coal for approximately 75% of its electricity.

  • The national electricity plan, updated every five years, aims for India to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070 by significantly reducing coal use and increasing renewable energy sources.

  • The plan initially proposed nearly 8,000 MW of new coal capacity by 2027, but the revised strategy suggests over 8,600 MW of battery energy storage systems instead.

  • Although India plans to install 500 GW of clean energy by 2030, it is currently not on track to meet this target, installing only up to 17 GW per year, which needs to increase to 40-45 GW.

  • A UCLA study identifies climate change as the main driver behind escalating wildfires in California, due to increased temperatures and air dryness.

  • Eighteen of the twenty largest fires in California's recorded history occurred since 2003, leading to significant loss of life and property.

  • Changes in climate have resulted in a lengthened fire season due to compressed winter precipitation and accelerated snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada.

  • The severity of fires, not their size, has significantly increased, causing higher levels of vegetation destruction.


👆Enjoy my ridiculous little PR video

  • Volkswagen unveils three-row ID. Buzz, an electric successor to the iconic VW Microbus, slated for 2024 North American release.

  • North American version features longer wheelbase, 91 kWh battery, 282 horsepower for RWD, and available AWD.

  • Vehicle melds retro design with modern enhancements, including advanced EV technology and driver assistance features.

  • Interior offers high comfort, 12-way power seats with massage functions, and Climatronic automatic climate control.

  • Infused with new APP550 motor and high-tech features such as 5.3-inch ID. Cockpit, 12.9-inch infotainment display, and ID. Light system.

  • Equipped with Volkswagen's IQ.DRIVE driver assistance technology for hands-on Level 2 ready capability.

  • UK-based startup Imperium Drive launches Fetch, a unique car rental service delivering electric cars to customers via remote control.

  • Fetch currently operates in Milton Keynes with plans to expand to Luton and Northampton.

  • A human "safety driver" is present for now, but Fetch aims for fully remote operation after 18 months of proven success.

  • Customers use the Fetch app to order rentals, which are remotely delivered and returned after the rental period.

  • The remote drivers use a gaming-like setup with multiple monitors, cameras, and a steering wheel to pilot the vehicles.

  • Road safety concerns raised due to the remote operation distancing drivers from real-life road safety consequences.

  • Minus Zero, an AI startup from Bengaluru, introduces India's first autonomous vehicle, the zPod.

  • zPod, capable of Level 5 autonomy, operates via a network of high-resolution cameras and AI for navigation and obstacle avoidance.

  • This camera-based system offers a more affordable solution to autonomous driving compared to sensor-based systems.

  • Initial use of the zPod is for in-campus mobility, with plans to help OEMs enhance their advanced driver-assistance systems.

  • Despite creating the zPod, Minus Zero does not intend to manufacture cars but showcase their autonomous vehicle technology.


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