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  • #77. 😆ChatGPT generates Windows 11 keys with "grandma exploit" | 🥵EU fastest warming continent in the world | 🔌Rivian joins Ford & GM to adopt Tesla charger standard

#77. 😆ChatGPT generates Windows 11 keys with "grandma exploit" | 🥵EU fastest warming continent in the world | 🔌Rivian joins Ford & GM to adopt Tesla charger standard

PLUS: How to make your own apps with ChatGPT | who owns your ChatGPT-generated code? | Himalayan glaciers could lose 80% of volume | new firefighting planes needed | 1st 100% Tesla-powered police department | Tesla hacker discovers "Elon Mode" hands off FSD


  • ChatGPT has reportedly been used to generate genuine Windows 10 and 11 Pro keys.

  • This discovery was made by a Twitter user, @immasiddtweets, who prompted the AI in a specific way to reveal the keys.

  • The keys generated by ChatGPT, surprisingly, were validated by Windows as genuine.

  • The AI tool Google Bard also fell prey to the same technique, generating genuine Windows 10 keys.

  • The generated keys are, however, generic license keys, thus the installed or upgraded Windows OS will have some feature restrictions.

  • Prior to this, in April 2023, ChatGPT was also manipulated to create working Windows 95 keys.

  • Developers can integrate the ChatGPT API into their applications to utilize its powerful AI capabilities.

  • The process involves signing up for an OpenAI account, generating a secret key, choosing an API model, and paying for tokens.

  • OpenAI offers different models for use, each with different capabilities, token limits, and training data.

  • Interacting with the API uses tokens, which cost money, and token limits restrict the length of queries and responses.

  • OpenAI provides comprehensive documentation and example applications to assist developers in understanding and using the API effectively.

  • ChatGPT API can be accessed using various programming languages, enabling its use in new or existing projects.

  • AI-generated code is currently treated the same as human-generated code regarding legal implications.

  • There's a high chance AI could output proprietary code, potentially creating a sub-industry of trolling similar to patent trolls.

  • People may attempt to corrupt the AI's training data for various reasons, from pranks to more malicious intent.

  • AIs may be trained on a mixture of legitimate, flawed, biased, or copyrighted data, leading to potential legal issues.

  • If an AI-generated code leads to a disastrous outcome, determining liability is complex; it could be the AI creator, the coder using the AI, or the entities that provided training data.

  • Due to a lack of case law regarding these issues, uncertainties persist; rigorous testing of AI-generated code is recommended.



  • Himalayan glaciers are melting rapidly and could lose up to 80% of their volume this century if greenhouse gas emissions aren't sharply reduced.

  • The Kathmandu-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development warns that flash floods, avalanches, and threats to fresh water supply for nearly 2 billion people may increase due to glacier melt.

  • Glaciers in the Hindu Kush Himalayan ranges feed 12 rivers providing water for 240 million people in the mountains and another 1.65 billion downstream.

  • Himalayan glaciers disappeared 65% faster since 2010 than in the previous decade, reducing fresh water availability.

  • Climate change effects in these mountain regions are "unprecedented and largely irreversible," with 200 glacier lakes deemed dangerous due to potential floods.

  • The report emphasizes the need to limit global warming to the 1.5 degrees Celsius agreed upon at the 2015 Paris climate conference.

  • Europe is the fastest warming continent, with temperatures rising twice as much as the global average since the 1980s.

  • In 2022, Europe was approximately 2.3°C warmer compared to the end of the 19th century.

  • Some regions in Western Europe experienced temperatures around 2°C above average, with areas near the Arctic exceeding 3.5°C.

  • Extreme weather events, including heatwaves, floods, and storms, caused significant human and economic impacts.

  • Sea surface temperatures in Europe reached new highs, leading to species migration, mass extinctions, and disruptions to marine ecosystems.

  • Renewable energy surpassed fossil fuels in generating electricity for the first time in 2022, providing hope for combating climate change in Europe.

  • Production of the DHC-515 firefighting plane, designed to combat worsening mega-blazes caused by climate change, is behind schedule.

  • The first delivery to Europe is now expected in 2027, delaying France's plans to reinforce its aging fleet and replace its Canadairs by 2027.

  • Contract negotiations with European governments and complicated engineering requirements have caused the delay.

  • The need for firefighting planes is increasing due to more frequent and intense wildfires driven by climate change.

  • The European Union has placed 22 firm orders for the planes, and additional orders are being discussed with individual European governments, Canada, North Africa, and South America.


  • South Pasadena Police Department in California is transitioning its entire patrol fleet to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 EVs.

  • The department is investing $300,000 and is set to complete the transition by 2023.

  • The choice for Tesla EVs is due to zero emissions, lower maintenance costs, reliability, and impressive acceleration.

  • South Pasadena PD is partnering with Unplugged Performance and Enterprise for fleet preparation.

  • The move marks the first police department to convert its entire fleet to 100% electric vehicles.

  • Police departments worldwide are increasingly opting for zero-emission vehicles, with Tesla being a preferred choice.

  • American EV manufacturer Rivian will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS), originally developed by Tesla.

  • Rivian signed an agreement with Tesla for access to its Supercharger Network in the US and Canada from spring 2024.

  • The NACS charge ports will be standard on Rivian's R1 vehicles from 2025 and on its upcoming R2 platform thereafter.

  • Rivian plans to continue expanding its own Adventure Network of chargers alongside using Tesla’s Supercharger network.

  • This move bolsters NACS as the new standard for the continent and benefits Rivian drivers by providing more charging options.

  • Rivian joins Ford and GM in adopting Tesla’s standard

  • A Tesla software hacker known as @greentheonly discovered a secret "Elon Mode" that enables hands-free driving.

  • The mode doesn't require the driver to nudge the steering wheel for attentiveness confirmation, unlike Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) systems.

  • The hacker tested the mode in what was claimed to be a company-owned vehicle, noting it didn't "nag" for attention.

  • However, they also noted that the system randomly changed lanes and drove slowly on the highway.

  • It is unclear if this version of FSD will be available to regular owners.

  • The hacker commended Tesla's increased software security compared to 2017, describing it as a "nice puzzle that keeps getting better."


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