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  • ✨91. ✈️AI-powered Flight Simulator ATC | ⛴️low-sulphur shipping rules | 🎖️Republicans try to stop military's EV push

✨91. ✈️AI-powered Flight Simulator ATC | ⛴️low-sulphur shipping rules | 🎖️Republicans try to stop military's EV push

PLUS: SpeedyBrand's AI SEO✨most AI don't comply with EU AI Act✨Leonardo DiCaprio most trusted authority on climate crisis✨extreme flooding✨Grand Canyon's EV buses✨Toyota & Stellantis complain about EPA emissions rules


  • SpeedyBrand, a startup co-founded by Ranti Dev Sharma, Jatin Mehta, and Ayush Jasuja, has raised $2.5 million in a funding round led by GV and Y Combinator.

  • The company uses generative AI to create custom SEO-optimized content, including websites and social media posts, for SMBs.

  • SpeedyBrand's platform allows brands to choose a topic, generate text, suggest images, edit and customize the content, and track its performance through analytics.

  • While generative AI has potential risks such as producing toxic content, plagiarizing copyrighted work, and spamming the internet, SpeedyBrand claims to mitigate these issues by personalizing the AI to brand tone and ensuring plagiarism-free content.

  • SpeedyBrand has around 50 paying customers and over 1,000 users, with annual recurring revenue at $100,000 and an anticipated growth to $1 million in the next year.

  • The market for generative AI is growing, with projections estimating it to be worth more than $110 billion by 2030.

  • Most AI models, including Google's PaLM 2 and OpenAI's GPT-4, do not comply with the EU's upcoming AI Act, according to a Stanford study.

  • The EU has been working on regulations for AI technologies and recently received overwhelming support for the AI Act in the European Parliament.

  • The study focused on the European Parliament's version of the Act and identified several areas of non-compliance and a lack of transparency among model providers.

  • Open and closed AI model providers showed disparities in disclosure, with open releases offering more comprehensive information.

  • All studied foundation models fell short of fully complying with the AI Act, and executives from prominent companies have expressed concerns about the regulations' impact on competitiveness and technological sovereignty.

  • The study highlights the need for collaboration between policymakers and model providers to address gaps and challenges and ensure effective implementation of the AI Act.

  • BeyondATC is a new ATC (Air Traffic Control) solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator that integrates AI capabilities into the simulator's ATC component.

  • The software aims to improve ATC communications in MSFS and features a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the user experience.

  • Key features of BeyondATC include radio degradation simulation, an autorespond function for communication handling, and an auto-tune radio feature.

  • The software can emulate the ATIS system used at real airports, providing a realistic experience.

  • BeyondATC adapts its phraseology based on location, using FAA phraseology in the US and ICAO phraseology in other regions.

  • The software shows potential for both recreational and training use cases and is targeted towards experienced simmers as well as newcomers.

  • More details about cost, business model, and release plans for BeyondATC will be revealed by the developers later this year.


Imagine you are a personal productivity AI coach, and a user has reached out for help in managing their time more effectively. They feel overwhelmed with responsibilities from work, personal relationships, self-care, and hobbies, and they can't seem to find enough time in the day to do everything. They're looking for guidance on how to organize their time better and boost their productivity.

In your response, include:

An evaluation of the importance of understanding one's personal goals, values, and priorities in managing time effectively.

A proposed methodology for auditing and tracking how they're currently spending their time.

Strategies for prioritizing tasks and responsibilities based on urgency and importance.

Suggestions for establishing routines and habits that can aid in time management and increase productivity.
Techniques to handle distractions and interruptions and to maintain focus.

Recommendations for balancing work responsibilities with personal life, self-care, and hobbies.

Tools and resources that can assist in time management and productivity enhancement.

Please provide this advice in a friendly, encouraging, and non-judgmental manner, acknowledging that everyone has unique circumstances and that improving time management is a gradual process that requires practice and adjustment.

Want to submit your own? Tweet me @MarcHoag!



  • International regulations implemented in 2020 to reduce air pollution from shipping have led to a 10% decrease in sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions, improving public health.

  • However, the shift to low-sulphur shipping fuel has had the unintended consequence of increasing global temperatures by around 0.05C by 2050, equivalent to two additional years of emissions.

  • The reduction in SO2 emissions weakens the cooling effect of sulphur particles in ship exhaust fumes, contributing to warming.

  • Carbon Brief's analysis suggests that the spike in global sea surface temperature and the ocean heatwave cannot be solely attributed to the reduction in SO2 emissions from shipping.

  • The primary driver of climate change remains CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, and the shift to low-sulphur marine fuel will not alter the long-term trajectory of warming.

  • The impact of the low-sulphur regulations on climate remains uncertain, especially over the oceans, and estimates vary among studies.

  • Climate change is causing heavier precipitation, which is a major factor in flooding.

  • The eastern seaboard of the United States has experienced recent massive floods, and this is expected to become more common and severe due to climate change.

  • Warmer temperatures enable the atmosphere to hold more water, leading to increased precipitation and a greater risk of flooding.

  • The increase in heavy rain is connected to climate change and is a global phenomenon.

  • The rise in severe flooding is not an anomaly but rather the "new abnormal," and these events will continue to worsen unless carbon emissions are reduced.

  • Governments and individuals need to plan for adaptation to extreme weather events and take climate change into account when building infrastructure.

  • In an online survey, Leonardo DiCaprio was named the most trusted famous authority on climate change and environmental issues by Americans.

  • Celebrities like DiCaprio can unite people and bring attention to the climate crisis in a way that politicians and scientists cannot.

  • DiCaprio's environmental activism dates back to 1998, and he has used his platform to urge climate action on numerous occasions.

  • The portrayal of the climate crisis in TV shows and movies is shifting, with recent productions highlighting clear villains and emphasizing the need for urgent action.

  • However, there is a lack of fictional climate stories in mainstream media, with only 2.8% of scripts produced between 2015 and 2020 including climate-related terms.


  • The Grand Canyon National Park will replace its existing shuttle bus fleet with 30 new buses, including 10 battery-electric buses.

  • The $27.5 million Shuttle Bus Fleet Replacement project is funded by federal grants and aims to provide safe and reliable bus service for park visitors.

  • The project is part of President Biden's Investing in America agenda and the Federal Highway Administration's Nationally Significant Federal Lands and Tribal Transportation Projects Program.

  • The partnership between the Departments of the Interior and Transportation has resulted in transportation improvements at national parks to make them more accessible to visitors.

  • The new electric buses will contribute to efforts to clean up the air around the park, aligning with ongoing sustainability initiatives.

  • The remaining 20 buses in the fleet are expected to be compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, indicating a continued mix of electric and methane-burning buses in the park's transportation system.

  • Several Republican representatives have proposed amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act to impede the Pentagon's electrification efforts.

  • The proposals aim to prevent funding for EV research, development, and infrastructure, as well as restrict the use of the Defense Production Act for boosting EVs and critical minerals.

  • One proposal would require the termination of contracts for electric non-combat vehicles, while another would authorize the use of non-electric vehicles at a specific military facility.

  • The proposals have been criticized as ridiculous and ignorant of the proven technology and financial advantages of electric vehicles.

  • The US military has expressed its commitment to transitioning to electric vehicles and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

  • The amendments will be debated in the House as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.

  • Toyota and Stellantis have filed complaints with the US government against the proposed EPA emissions standards for 2027-2032.

  • The proposed rules aim to establish stricter vehicle emissions standards for air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Toyota argues that the proposal underestimates challenges related to mineral scarcity for battery production, inadequate infrastructure, and the high cost of electric vehicles.

  • Stellantis claims that the EPA's plan has an overly optimistic expectation for EV market growth and adds significant risk to the automotive industry.

  • Both automakers have been slow in transitioning to fully electric vehicles, with Toyota emphasizing a "multi-pathway" approach and Stellantis yet to release a fully electric passenger vehicle in the US.

  • The US government has made significant investments in the EV industry and aims to achieve substantial emissions reductions through EV adoption.


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