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  • ✨97. 🔎 Microsoft launches vector search | 🥵 COP 28 agenda | 🔋 Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin expansion

✨97. 🔎 Microsoft launches vector search | 🥵 COP 28 agenda | 🔋 Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin expansion

PLUS: WIX's AI website builder✨authors against AI training without permission✨Tata's $5.2B EV battery plant in UK✨China's 16 MW offshore wind turbine✨Volvo Group's EV truck, bus, marine engine record deliveries✨Nissan first Japanese automaker to adopt Tesla's NACS charger


  • Microsoft introduced Vector Search, a machine learning-based feature in Azure Cognitive Search, to enhance search capabilities by capturing the meaning and context of unstructured data.

  • Vectorization, the process of converting words or images into numerical vectors, enables machines to understand relationships between data points and retrieve relevant information quickly.

  • The Vector Search feature offers pure vector search, hybrid retrieval, and sophisticated reranking, allowing for personalized responses, product recommendations, and data pattern identification.

  • Microsoft also launched the Document Generative AI solution, which combines Azure Form Recognizer with Azure OpenAI Service to enable document analysis, summarization, and generation of new documents.

  • OpenAI's Whisper model, an automatic speech recognition model, will be integrated into Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft's AI speech services, allowing transcription, translation, and batch transcriptions at scale.

  • Wix has announced an AI Site Generator tool that allows users to create entire websites by typing a description and answering follow-up questions.

  • The tool goes beyond templates, using AI and algorithms to generate a "unique" website design, text, and images automatically.

  • Wix's AI models, including ChatGPT and DALL-E, handle text creation and other aspects of website generation.

  • The generated websites are professional-looking and customizable using the Wix Editor.

  • While the AI-generated content looks good, users are advised to verify the details before publication to ensure accuracy and prevent inappropriate or fraudulent content.

  • The tool has the potential to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create more professional websites and enhance their online presence.

  • Thousands of renowned authors, including Nora Roberts and Margaret Atwood, have signed a letter urging AI companies like OpenAI and Meta to stop using their work without permission or compensation.

  • The advent of text-based generative AI applications, such as GPT-4 and Bard, has raised concerns among writers as these models scrape content from the web without authorization and create new content based on user prompts.

  • The Authors Guild, a non-profit writers' advocacy organization, created the letter to address the issue and is seeking compensation and dialogue with the AI companies.

  • Some authors have taken legal action, participating in class-action lawsuits alleging that Meta and/or OpenAI trained their AI programs using pirated copies of their works.

  • Literary agents are exploring ways to protect authors' rights, including incorporating contractual language to prohibit unauthorized use of AI and lobbying for legislation to regulate the use of generative AI.

  • Concrete legislation and regulation around AI and copyright are still in progress, with discussions and hearings taking place at various levels of government.

  • The path forward is expected to involve a combination of litigation, regulation, and advocacy to address the concerns raised by authors and protect their intellectual property rights.


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  • Tata Motors, an Indian automaker company, plans to build a $5.2 billion EV battery plant in England for Jaguar Land Rover, marking its first EV battery gigafactory outside of India.

  • The investment is one of the largest in the UK auto industry and offers an opportunity for the UK to strengthen its position after Brexit.

  • The new EV battery plant will have an initial output of 40 gigawatt-hours, making it competitive with other large-scale European EV battery plants.

  • The investment is expected to create up to 4,000 direct jobs and contribute to the UK's decarbonization plans by providing a significant portion of the battery capacity required for the electric vehicle transition.

  • The UK aims to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030.

  • The factory could potentially support fuel cell production in the future, as Tata Motors has been involved in fuel cell development projects and partnerships.

  • Mingyang Smart Energy's MySE 16-260, the world's largest offshore wind turbine, is now operational at full capacity in China's South China Sea.

  • The 16 MW wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 260 meters and a swept area of 53,902 square meters.

  • It can generate 67 million kWh of power annually, enough to supply 80,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions by 56,000 tonnes.

  • The turbine can withstand extreme wind speeds of up to 79.8 meters per second (178.5 miles per hour), as demonstrated during Typhoon Talim.

  • The successful operation of the wind turbine in a typhoon-prone area highlights the potential of wind power in China's coastal regions.

  • Offshore wind turbine manufacturers are producing larger prototypes to increase energy capacity and drive down the cost of energy per megawatt-hour.

  • The COP 28 Climate Summit is scheduled for November 2023 in Dubai, with the president of the conference being Sultan Al Jaber, the head of Adnoc, the national oil company of the UAE.

  • Al Jaber has faced backlash for being an oil executive leading a critical climate conference, but he emphasizes the need to phase down fossil fuels and build a new energy system over time.

  • COP 28 will focus on the more stringent goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, and countries will be required to submit updated emissions reduction commitments in line with this goal.

  • The conference will also discuss commitments to double energy efficiency, triple renewable energy capacity, and double hydrogen production by 2030.

  • Critics argue that COP 28 should pass a commitment to phase out fossil fuels entirely, but Al Jaber emphasizes the "phase down" of fossil fuels and plans to engage fossil fuel executives in climate action discussions.

  • Financing and support for developing countries to adapt to climate impacts will be key topics of discussion at the conference.

  • While there are concerns about the influence of oil companies and the need for concrete action, Al Jaber's statements show some alignment with climate goals, but actions will determine the success of the conference.


  • Volvo Group achieved record sales of electric trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial engines in Q2.

  • The company delivered 759 electric trucks, including models from Volvo, Renault, and Mack, contributing to its over 50% market share of electric heavy-duty trucks in Europe.

  • Volvo Group also saw a significant increase in electric bus deliveries, with 131 buses delivered, a 236% YoY growth.

  • Electric bus orders and deliveries continued to rise in Q2, with 317 orders received, a 306% increase compared to the previous year.

  • Volvo Penta, the marine and industrial power solutions supplier, saw a 933% increase in electric engine deliveries and received nine new orders in the quarter.

  • Volvo Group's electric construction equipment orders rose by 49% in the first half of the year, reaching a total of 464 orders.

  • The company's strong Q2 sales performance reflects its commitment to innovation and investment in sustainable transportation solutions.

  • Tesla has revealed plans for the expansion of Gigafactory Berlin in Europe, seeking approval for the project.

  • The expansion would enable the production of 1 million vehicles per year and 100 GWh of battery production.

  • The plan includes the addition of a water recycling facility, a new logistics area, increased battery storage, solar roofs, and "solar roof charging."

  • The expansion is expected to occur in three stages, with the first stage potentially operational in the first half of 2024 if approved.

  • However, previous delays in receiving approval suggest that the process may face further challenges.

  • Nissan will be the first Japanese automaker to adopt Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) starting in 2025.

  • The adoption of NACS will enable Nissan EVs, starting with the Ariya electric SUV, to access Tesla's Supercharger network.

  • In the following year, Nissan will offer EVs in the US and Canada equipped with a NACS charging port.

  • The move aligns with Nissan's commitment to making electric mobility more accessible and supports its long-term electrification vision.

  • Tesla's NACS connector has become the standard choice in North America, with major charging station companies and automakers adopting it.

  • Nissan is transforming its Canton plant in Mississippi into its North American electrification hub and plans to introduce two new electric vehicles to be assembled there starting in late 2025.


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