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  • #99. FUTURE PERFECT IS BACK! 🤑 AI's trillion dollar opportunity | 🧠 How to tell when AI becomes conscious | 🎬 AI & Hollywood

#99. FUTURE PERFECT IS BACK! 🤑 AI's trillion dollar opportunity | 🧠 How to tell when AI becomes conscious | 🎬 AI & Hollywood

PLUS: Lex raises $2.75M ✨ nutritional Power Prompting ✨ AI for A/B testing ProductHunt launches


Thank you to everyone who's asked me to resurrect Future Perfect, and a warm welcome to my new subscribers!

Today I'm excited to relaunch the newsletter, now with an exclusive focus on AI, aiming to deliver unparalleled insights straight to your inbox every weekday morning.

My format remains largely the same—daily summaries of the top three AI news articles, a ChatGPT Power Prompt, and a curated selection of invaluable AI tools and resources.

In addition, I've introduced a specialized segment on news specifically focused on AI law and AI tech startups curated from my just-launched Marc Hoag Law Blog. Keep your eyes open for this section as it won’t necessarily be a daily thing.

I appreciate your continued support and encouragement; thanks so much! 🙏


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  • ChatGPT reached 100 million active users in two months, outpacing any other consumer tech application like TikTok.

  • ChatGPT is considered a "tipping point" for a larger AI Revolution, akin to the iPhone's impact on the digital economy.

  • Tech giants Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta are either investing in or developing their own AI chatbot technologies.

  • Nvidia reported significant earnings growth, driven by high demand for AI chips, indicating strong financial prospects for AI.

  • The wealth-creation potential of AI is expected to exceed that of the internet, offering significant opportunities for investors.

  • A loophole exists allowing retail investors to invest in OpenAI, providing a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

  • A checklist based on six neuroscience theories has been proposed to determine if AI systems become conscious.

  • Ignoring the possibility of AI consciousness carries moral implications and changes how such entities may be treated.

  • The report uses a "theory-heavy" approach rooted in computational functionalism, allowing for material-agnostic evaluation.

  • Key theories like global workspace theory provide specific indicators to evaluate AI systems for signs of consciousness.

  • Current evaluation suggests that no existing AI, including large language models like ChatGPT, is a strong candidate for consciousness.

  • AI is increasingly being used by media studios for generating story ideas and scripts, leading to concerns among writers.

  • Greg Harrison from MOCEAN sees AI as a tool and potential collaborator, particularly effective for summarizing large volumes of material and identifying themes.

  • AI also raises copyright and ethical concerns, as generative models may inadvertently produce content that infringes upon copyrighted material.

  • AI has potential for automating non-creative tasks in the industry, allowing human creatives more time to focus on their work.

  • Harrison advises a cautious approach to integrating AI, emphasizing the need to understand its current limitations and potential future applications.


Lex Raises $2.75M to Revolutionize AI Writing Tools: Lex, an AI writing tool, raised $2.75 million to enhance its AI-powered writing platform, focusing on user experience and data privacy.


Today’s ChatGPT Power Prompt is an incredibly mind-blowing trick to discover more about the food you eat — or feed to someone you love, like your toddler for instance. It occurred to me to try this a few days ago, and it works like magic.

What can you tell me about this food?

[Enter the ingredients list from the packaging; photograph the label with your phone, select and copy the text, and paste it into ChatGPT]

How is it for a [toddler / for losing weight / for adding muscle mass / for somebody with high cholesterol / etc....]


  • Spuddie: A cute AI companion.

  • Hoppy Coppy: An AI email marketing copywriting platform.

  • IndieZebra: Use AI to A/B test your ProductHunt launch.


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