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πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ 🎊 Future Perfect 2.0 is live!

Now covering πŸ€– AI in addition to πŸš— AVs/EVs and 🌑️ Climate Change

Welcome back! πŸ‘‹

I hope you've been well for this first half of 2023. I last published issue number 44 on December 23, shortly after we all fell into the infinitely deep rabbit hole of ChatGPT. For those of you who subscribed to Future Perfect just before then, sorry about that; but I think you'll like where this is going.

I think many of us would agree how utterly blown away we've been by the power of AI suddenly unleashed upon the general public with ChatGPT. Indeed, I don't think it's a stretch to say that history will forever remember November 30, 2022 as the day AI became part of our life; or rather, the day it changed our lives forever.

And so, after a nearly five month break, I decided today β€” "May the 4th [be with you]" because of course! β€” to migrate Future Perfect from Substack to its new home on Beehiiv, and to relaunch and refocus it to include the top news in AI while of course still covering climate change/clean energy and AVs/EVs.

(Why the migration from Substack to Beehiiv? Simple: I needed a better growth platform for the newsletter; Beehiiv's SEO-friendly foundation offers everything that Substack does not.)

I launched my 199-episode podcast in 2018 declaring that autonomous vehicles represented "the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution." While I still think a truly driverless future will indeed transform society, the truth is, it's still many years away.

In contrast, I don't think any of us saw the ChatGPT-enabled reality of an AI-enhanced world now available to us. I certainly never imagined a life where all knowledge was but a simple query away; a life where "googling" something suddenly seem slow and archaic.

It's astonishing that 2023 would be the year I would be able to have a conversation with a computer as naturally as characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation conversed with the Enterprise-D's Main Computer, or indeed, with Commander Data.

And so, recognizing this strange new world, I figured it made sense to give my newsletter one more shot, and so I give to you, Future Perfect 2.0: Your 3-minute daily top news digest in AI, climate change, and autonomous/electric vehicles.

Thanks for reading, and of course, for sending subscribers my way. See you tomorrow with issue number 45! Cheers! πŸ™


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